Teaching and Outreach

I believe the most important part about science is sharing both the process and the results with others.

I have developed and taught a graduate seminar on Marine Acoustics, as well as a course in marine science and policy, called “Navigating Wicked Marine Problems”.  This interdisciplinary course explored the challenges in environmental management associated with the whale/ship strike issue on the US West Coast as a case study.  The course was created in conjunction with the Monterey Institute for International Studies and the Center for Ocean Solutions/MARINE, and was attended by students from institutions around Monterey Bay.

I currently advise master’s of marine science students at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. In addition to more traditional teaching experience, I enjoy presenting in pre-K – 12 classrooms, teaching students through small projects and hands-on activities, working with volunteers in the field, and interacting with the public through online outreach.

Local radio interview

Scientific Art!

In 2013, I was a Scientist-in-Residence with the Sitka Sound Science Center (SIRF), focusing on scientific outreach as well as collaborating on a project with Ron Holthuysen (Scientific Art Studio) where we talked about (and were successful at!) merging science with art.  I also participated in several outreach efforts in the schools and the greater community, developing tools for teaching the public about our research.

Experiencing echolocation in the high school.

Teaching girl scouts how to tag whales.

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